EMbed 812 Kit for Electron Microscopy Embedding

EMbed 812 is our replacement for EPON 812, the most widely used embedding resin for electron microscopy, which was discontinued in 1978. EMbed 812 provides the same excellent preservation and cutting qualities as EPON 812, and may be substituted in all similar formulations.

Luft (1961) established EPON 812 as a reliable embedding medium, excellent both for plant and animal tissue. The same advantages offered by EPON 812, are offered by EMbed 812: rapid penetration, greater contrast, easy sectioning, stability under the electron beam, satisfactory staining of most thick sections for light microscopy and thin sections for electron microscopy.

Kit consists of:

450 ml EMbed-812

450 ml DDSA; Specially Distilled

450 ml NMA

50 ml DMP-30

Electron Microscopy Sciences' replacement for the discontinued Epon-812. Produces the same results in terms of preservation, handling, sectioning, and staining as the old Epon-812.

Two versions are available. The #14120 kit includes DMP-30. The #14121 Kit includes BDMA in place of DMP-30.